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Heat Treatment Related Products Assembled

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Heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing. By changing the microstructure inside the workpiece or changing the chemical composition of the workpiece surface, it can endow or improve the performance of the workpiece. As the core link of the steel product process, heat treatment equipment has always been strictly controlled by enterprises.


In order to provide more global suppliers of heat treatment systems and equipment with a complete exchange and display platform, Tube Supply & Demand System is ready for all the exhibitors and visitors! The system aims to provide a solid online communication bridge for heat treatment system and equipment suppliers from all over the world. Some of the big names have announced their supply products in the system, see if it fits your needs!


IVA Schmetz

EFD Induction is one of the famous induction suppliers. It owns 13 manufacturing bases and service centers in the world. EFD Induction (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was built in 2001, is the most important base for EFD Group to supply the products and service to China and Asia’s market. EFD China also has Beijing and Guangzhou Branch to provide sales and service for customers.

For high level heat treatment technology and equipment, the Group has several famous brands like IVA, Schmetz and Mahler in Germany, BMI in France. Those companies are supplying high level heat treatment equipment and services for aerospace, automotive industries, Tools and die industry, etc. The comprehensive product range includes various vacuum furnaces, nitriding furnaces and controlled atmosphere furnaces.




Thermatool's CFI8 HF welder is backed by the highly recognized welding process and material knowledge, providing customers of the new energy battery industry the best approach to meeting challenging, every day welding application needs.

Hebei Bohong induction is one specialized modern high science and technology company in induction heating and heat treatment fields, including equipment design, manufacture, process formulation and turnkey project. 

Taicang Huarui


Vacuum furnace, that is, in the furnace chamber this specific space in the use of vacuum system will be part of the furnace chamber material discharge, so that the pressure in the furnace chamber is less than a standard atmospheric pressure, the space in the furnace chamber to achieve vacuum state.

The CNC energy-saving compact pipe welder is the latest scientific research achievement of our scientific researchers, and has obtained a national patent (Patent No.: zl201520767232.x). Its main feature is that it uses high-power transistor (IGBT) and high-efficiency core transformer to replace the original thyristor and iron core rheostat.



Used to deal with high-concentration dust, venturi effect accelerates air flow, water is decomposed into small droplets; The pollutant particles and water droplets are fully mixed, and the washed waste gas and dust-bearing droplets enter the downstream centrifugal separation structure tangentially to achieve separation. The purified air flow is discharged from the fan; Sedimentation separates contaminants; Bottom sediment can be collected and cleaned centrally in a variety of ways.

Nitrocarburizing CLIN treatments are thermochemical Nitrocarburizing and Oxynitrocarburizing treatments. Using ionic liquid bath (salt bath) as rapid heat transfer medium and high source of nitrogen (and carbon) species, liquid nitro carburizing enriches the surface of ferrous materials with nitrogen (and small amounts of carbon).

PVD: Deposit thin film of a vaporized material onto a substrate (workpiece).

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